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Fallen tree

What to Do When a Tree Splits

January 16, 2018

During the winter, snowstorms with harsh winds and heavy snowfall can cause damage to the trees on your property. After each storm, you should inspect your property to ensure no damage was sustained. If any of your trees become damaged, it’s important to know when trees are capable of saving, and when you should say…

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Home decorated for holidays

Tips to Help You With Your Outdoor Holiday Lights

December 7, 2017

Are you ready to start putting up your holiday lights? Before you go ahead and get started, take a few seconds to sit down and read this blog. Why, you might ask? The family here at Ambrosio is going to provide you with a few tips that ALL homeowners should know before hanging their exterior…

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icicles forming in broken gutter

How Your Gutters Are Hurting Your Lawn

November 21, 2017

Did you know your gutters can affect the health of your lawn? The gutter system on your home has the important job of redirecting rainwater from your roof. Improper drainage of this water can have a seriously negative impact on the health of your lawn. Here’s how:   1. Forgetting to Clear and Inspect Your…

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Yellow and dry grass

Landscaping Myths That Will Lead You to Disaster

November 2, 2017

Every homeowner should be able to mow their lawn and provide their property with routine maintenance. However, there are some landscaping myths out there that will lead these homeowners to cause serious damage to their lawn and property. Don’t fall for these myths — know the truth so you can become a better homeowner. Myth…

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Cracked egg

The Best Way to Wash Eggs Off of Your House

October 24, 2017

With Halloween and Mischief Night only a week away, every homeowner should be taking the proper precautions for protecting their properties (say that five times fast). Sure, you can bring any outdoor decor into the garage — but what happens when someone eggs the actual house?   Tackle the Residue You want to remove egg…

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Jack o lanterns in a row

One Mistake You Make Every Time You Decorate for Halloween

October 18, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner — so it’s time to start decorating! Wrap the bushes in spider webs, hang a skeleton from a tree, and put out your scariest decor to strike fear into the eyes of trick or treaters! However, while every year homeowners will decorate, many will continue to make the same…

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Rake raking leaves

Are Leaves Affecting Your Lawn’s Health

October 13, 2017

We’re in the midst of fall and the leaves are finally starting to make their way from tree branches to the floor beneath them. A common autumn chore is to rake the leaves, but is this actually necessary? The answer is yes, and for good reason — because too many leaves can hurt your lawn’s…

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leaves stuck in gutter

Why Fall Maintenance is Important for Your Home

September 25, 2017

There’s a lot more that goes into being a homeowner than just signing some papers. If you want your house to maintain its value (or even increase) and have stunning curb appeal, you need to provide it with the proper maintenance. Now that it’s Fall, there are a few maintenance tasks you should be taking…

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raking leaves

3 Things To Know While Preparing For Fall

August 31, 2017

The season known as Autumn is right around the bend — are you prepared? If you haven’t even thought of fall preparation yet, then it’s time to get your mind right and thinking. Here’s what you need to know: Landscape Lighting is an All Year Thing Many people will inquire about landscape lighting during the…

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Clean lawn

3 Ways To Prevent Landscape Destruction

August 16, 2017

Your landscape at home is something you need to constantly pay attention to, in order for it to be in good shape all year — and sometimes, that requires out of the box thinking to get the work done! Instead of worrying about what to do when a problem arises, why not prevent them from…

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