How Failing to Maintain Your Property Can Hurt Your Neighbor (and Vice Versa)

Property lines are something that exists to show you and your neighbor where exactly both of your properties meet.

This way you both know what you are responsible for taking care of and who is deemed liable for damage if something were to happen.

Did you know that when you fail to maintain your property, your neighbor’s property can suffer as well? (And of course, this goes both ways.)

1) Damaged and Fallen Trees

During harsh storms with high-speed winds, it’s possible for tree branches to break off and find their way to your neighbor’s lawn — or even into the side of their home!

Not only are tree branches a problem, but the trees themselves can spill over and fall to the ground. This can be a HUGE issue if it lands on your neighbor’s property — and again, if it falls into the side of their home!

While you can’t help if high-speed winds are ripping through the air and destroying everything in sight, but you can be negligent when it comes to the maintenance of those trees.

According to most insurance companies, they will not cover damages if the owner of the tree was negligent in maintaining the tree. For example, not cutting down broken branches or not removing the tree if it has split.

2) Water Flooding the Lawn

Keeping on the topic of storms, rain is a common result and one that needs to be managed. Ensure your gutter system is properly installed and in working condition so the rainwater can be rerouted from your roof to an area of your property away from your home.

When the downspouts of your gutter system are channeling the rainwater away from your home, make sure the water is not being pointed toward your neighbor’s property. The last thing you want to happen is for the water to flood their side of the lawn.

This could cause their ground soil to shift or even have the water flood into their basement (not to mention that this could happen to your own lawn or basement if your gutter system isn’t working as it should). Therefore, you should have your gutter system inspected to ensure it is properly channeling rainwater away from your (and your neighbor’s) home.

3) Forgetting Fence Maintenance

When you have a fence bordering your property, that very same fence will also border a portion of your neighbor’s property (unless they have their own fence up on their side).

Ensure your fence is always in good condition by inspecting it on a routine basis. A damaged fence could cause problems if any of the damage spills over the property line.

For those with natural fences made from shrubbery and trees, you must stay on top of the upkeep. Failing to do so can lower the curb appeal of not just your home, but your neighbors home as well.

As a homeowner, you need to maintain your property — because it can also affect your neighbor’s property (and vice versa)!

When you need a professional to help you with your landscaping or property maintenance, know that the pros at Ambrosio Landscapes are always here for you and your needs!

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