What to Do If Your Neighbor Has a Messy Property

Your property is mowed, free of leaves and weeds, and all plants have been trimmed.

There is no greater feeling than seeing your property in pristine condition — until you look at your neighbor’s messy property that is bordering yours.

Here are a few tips to help you get your neighbor’s property looking closer to yours:

Be More Friendly

When you see your neighbor walking to and from their car, taking out the trash, or doing something in their garage — be friendly and have a conversation with them! If you don’t know your neighbor well, then this is a perfect opportunity to get to know them!

By creating conversation, you can maybe get some insight as to why they don’t take care of their property. You can segue the conversation into talking about the maintenance you’ve been providing to your property and how something is either giving you trouble or taking forever.

See what their reaction is like; there’s a good chance they’ll say something about their property or their reasoning as to why they haven’t touched it yet.

Offer Up Your Equipment

If you spark up a conversation with your neighbor and find out they haven’t maintained their lawn because they don’t have the right equipment, offer to help. Offer for them to borrow your equipment so they can start their property maintenance.

On the other hand, the conversation may lead to you realizing that they physically cannot do the work themselves. In this instance, you can offer to help with some of the maintenance (at least the sides that border your property). You never know what someone is going through until you open up and talk to them more.

Give Them a Pro’s Number

Whether they can’t do the property maintenance due to physical limitations or because they just don’t want to, tell them you have the phone number to a professional service that can do it for them. Surprisingly, many people do not think of this option when deciding if they want to maintain their lawn because they think it’s unaffordable — it’s not.

When you give your neighbor this number (or you decide to call it for your own property), make sure it’s (203) 762-5167. That’s the number for Ambrosio Landscape Solutions and property maintenance is one of the MANY services we provide to our amazing neighbors here in the Connecticut area!

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