Why (and How) Do Weeds Spread?

Having a lawn (and garden) filled with weeds can be one of the most frustrating things, especially if you take pride in your property like we do!

How do these weeds take over an entire lawn in no time at all?

It seems like one day the lawn is fine, and then a week later it’s completely covered in ugly weeds!

We’re going to shine some light on this topic for you, this way you’ll know how to go about preventing weeds moving forward.

The Different Ways Weeds Spread

1) Through the Air

Did you know dandelions are weeds?

Not many people know this, especially young children that like to pick these from the ground and blow the fluffy seeds into the wind. (Please, no…)

While this does look pretty (and you get to make a wish), each one of those fluffy seeds will carry in the wind and land someplace else. Once settled, the seeds will begin to settle and spout in its brand new home.

2) Flowing Water

When rainwater (or water from a drainage system) begins to pool up and flood areas of your lawn, it can engulf the weeds that are currently present. As this water moves across your lawn, it can pick up seeds of those weeds and transport them to another area of the lawn.

After the water soaks into the ground, any seeds it picked up will also settle here. A flooded property can kill your lawn, while also spreading weeds.

Talk about a lose-lose!

3) Animals in the Yard

Whether you have pets in your home that play outside OR your yard is constantly filled with wild animals, these little creatures do a phenomenal job of spreading weeds throughout your property.

  • Pets – When you let the dogs or cats outside to go to the bathroom or play, they can dig up or roll over weeds. Their playtime just multiplied the number of weeds on your property. That is not a good boy…
  • Wild Animals – Any animal passing through your yard can also do the same as your pets. However, if any of these wild animals eat any weeds or fruits, they will consume and digest the seeds as well. These seeds will pass through the animal and wind up in their feces. These seeds are now sitting atop the lawn or soil and are fertilized and ready to begin growing once again!

One small weed can easily multiply into a property filled with weeds — and there are many ways these weeds can violently spread!

When you’re sick and tired of looking at your weed-filled lawn, grab the phone, and give us a call. Our landscaping services and property maintenance will provide you with the best lawn on the block — and one without weeds.

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