What You Need to Do to Keep Your Neighborhood Clean

As a homeowner living in the community, it’s your responsibility to not only maintain your property — but also to help keep your neighborhood and community a safe and clean place!

Below are a few of the easiest ways you can make a BIG impact on your neighborhood:

Give Up Single-Use Recyclables

Every home in the community should be practicing good recycling habits. However, not everyone is perfect when it comes to recycling. Some recyclables end up in the trash, or even littered elsewhere.

By eliminating single-use items, you can significantly cut down on the amount of waste you and your family create.

  • Instead of buying a package of pre-filled water bottles, buy yourself a nice refillable water bottle that will last you weeks (even months) on end.
  • Rather than wasting dozens of plastic bags from the grocery store, bring a couple of your own tote bags with you (they can also carry more than the average plastic bag).
  • Give up plastic straws altogether. These items are non-recyclable, which means they’re ALL going to end up in landfills, oceans, and scattered around your neighborhood.

Clean Up After Yourself

Littering is illegal, yet it’s still one of the biggest reasons as to why some neighborhoods are riddled with trash. While there are some people who litter intentionally, there are many ways in which people litter unintentionally.

Leaving things like food wrappers, bottles, and other garbage unattended in your backyard can make its way elsewhere in your neighborhood via the wind, wild animals, etc.

Be Careful When Handling Lawn Products

Taking care of your lawn is something every homeowner should do if they want to increase their property’s curb appeal. For the homeowners that like to do everything themselves — please be careful when using lawn products.

Overusing certain lawn products can hurt your lawn more than help it, which is why you need to follow the directions closely or have a professional maintain your lawn for you. Not only will overuse of these products hurt your lawn, it can also hurt the areas surrounding your property due to runoff from rainfall. Rainwater can wash away any chemicals applied to your lawn and cause them to disperse in the surrounding areas outside of your property.

Being a part of a community means you and your neighbors do everything you can to make sure the neighborhood becomes a better place!

If you are unfamiliar with how to provide maintenance to your property, or just don’t have the time — know that you can rely on us to do it for you! Our professionals are able to make your property as clean and gorgeous as the ones you see in the magazines!

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