What is Winter Desiccation and How To Prevent It

What is Plant Desiccation?

The term desiccation, also known as winter burn, refers to the process in which a large amount of moisture is removed from any substance. The desiccation of plants occurs when water stored in their leaves exits into the atmosphere. Moisture is released during a plant’s normal respiratory process since they are also bringing in water from their roots simultaneously. When there is less moisture to bring in, desiccation occurs. 

The desiccation process for plants begins to occur when temperatures get below freezing and winter weather arrives. If the process has started, that means that either the plant is rooted in frozen ground and is trying to continue its metabolic process, or a very dry wind is causing the moisture to dry out in the leaves. Browning leaves in evergreens and perennials are a sign this process has started, but luckily, there is a way to prevent desiccation.  

Preventing Plant Desiccation 

There are a couple of methods that landscapers and homeowners use to help prevent winter plant desiccation. These tactics include: 

  • Ensure your plants are thoroughly hydrated during times of low precipitation with the help of irrigation or moisture-management products.
  • Utilize chemical barriers to prevent moisture loss.
  • Utilize physical barriers to prevent moisture loss. 

Speaking with your local landscaping experts if this has been a problem for your property’s plant life is the best way to prevent desiccation and protect your plants!


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