Getting Your Home’s Exterior Ready For Winter Weather

Home Exterior Prep For Winter

Connecticut winters are no joke — and this year will be a tough one! We can expect to see plenty of snow, ice, and wind, so it’s crucial we homeowners take the time to get our houses ready for the impending weather.  

From our team here at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions, here are a few to-dos to add to your checklist to make sure your home’s exterior is ready for winter:

Clean and examine your gutter system.

One most of the leaves have fallen off your trees, it’s crucial to take the time to fish whatever debris has found its way into your gutter system. Your gutters serve an important function to help water from your roof safely drain away from your house, meaning they need to be free of any clogs — and the fall season can leave you with plenty. Carefully clean out any built up debris from your gutters and drainage system, while also looking for any breaks or damage that will need to be fixed promptly. 

Trim tree branches. 

Winter storms can be seriously damaging, and the last thing you want is a big branch to land on your house. As well, overhanging limbs can also cause excess water to seep into the cracks of your siding and roofing system. Take some time to determine which branches and trees could be a danger to your home and have them cut down. 

Have your roof inspected. 

You definitely do not want to be surprised with a leaky roof after the first snowstorm hits. A roof inspection ensures there are no concerning damages that need to be addressed and your roof is ready to protect your house and family from the winter weather. 

Shut down your outside water system. 

Pipes and hoses with water in them will freeze as soon as temperatures drop, which can create a big problem for your waterline. Make sure your outdoor water source is turned off, faucets and hoses and drained, and shut down your pool and sprinkler systems. 

Prepare your lawn for winter weather.

If you’re looking forward to a beautifully lush lawn come springtime, you need to give it proper attention during fall. Mow your property until the grass stops growing, reseed any bare spots, get rid of weeds, and fertilize.


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