When To Stop Mowing Your Lawn

When Should I Stop Mowing My Grass Before Winter?

As fall rolls in, it’s time to start working out a strategy to provide your lawn with the winter care it needs to be happy and healthy come springtime. One of the most common questions homeowners have is, “Why do I need to stop cutting my grass?” The experts at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions have the answer for you:

Cutting Your Grass Before Winter

Grass typically starts to slow its growth down when daytime temperatures are a consistent 50 degrees Fahrenheit or below. As the temperatures decrease, grass receives less and less of its essentials — sun, water, and carbon dioxide. Grass then enters a state of dormancy to protect itself from the extreme weather ahead. 

You should continue cutting your grass well into fall for the best care — just be cautious not to do it too short right away. Experts recommend progressively cutting your grass to lower and lower heights before winter to prevent diseases, lessen the chances of snow mold growth, and minimize debris attraction. Come winter, it’s ideal to have your grass be about 2 inches tall when it’s time to stop mowing.

Another pre-winter lawn care tip: never mow your lawn after a frost! Since the moisture on the blades of grass freeze, mowing can cause damage to your mower and your lawn. You can check your local weather to see when they believe the first frost will be, so you have an idea as to when you should be mowing your grass for the last time.  


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