Tips For Perfect Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is a classic fall activity enjoyed by family and friends each year as Halloween approaches. If you’re looking to up your carving game, the team at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has a couple of expert tips to help. 

Grab those pumpkins and get to craving because these tips will have you creating jack-o’-lanterns like a pro: 

You Don’t Need Fancy Tools

Believe it or not, simple carving kits made for kids that can be found at local stores work great for pumpkin carving! These sets include a scooper with edges perfect for cleaning out your pumpkin and a simple knife tool, easy to use for carving out your designs. If you want to get a bit more intricate, try a potters loop tool or a printmaker’s lino cutting set, which are great for those fine details.  

Open From The Bottom

Cutting open your pumpkins from the bottom helps maintain a plump shape and perfectly intact stem. As well, you’ll have an easier time cleaning out all the seeds and strings since they settle at the bottom, making the cleaning process quicker, so you can start carving. 

Thin The Walls

Now all the pulp and seeds have been removed, it’s time to thin the pumpkin’s walls. Doing this will help the light shine through and make carving your designs easier and more accurate. You’ll want the walls to be about ½ to 1 inch thick. The tool you use to clean out your pumpkins inside should also be helpful to thin its walls, so long it has sharp edges that can grip the flesh.  

Plan And Sketch Your Design

When designing anything, it’s ideal to have a plan, especially with a pumpkin where there is no going back once you start. Use a pen or marker to draw out your design, or even use a stencil for easy and accurate carving.  

Take Your Time

You may be excited to see your finished jack-o’-lantern, but take your time carving; rushing will leave you more likely to make mistakes. It’s also a smart idea to avoid punching out the pieces you carve until the end to ensure better stability. You can have a more exciting grand reveal at the end, too!

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