How to Tackle Fall Leaves on Your Property

Fall is here, and that means the trees will be bare soon! While many joys come with the beautiful autumn season, there is also the dreaded leaf clean up that no one looks forward to. But fear not; we’re here to help you prepare and tackle this task with as much ease as possible.  

Here are some tips to help you clean your leaves smarter and not harder this fall season:

Think About Timing

Now that you have the right tools ready, think about when you will tackle the clean up. Some questions to consider include: how much can your body handle? How big is your yard? How much time do you have available?

One approach for clearing your property is to wait for all the leaves to fall and then finish the raking in one day. This strategy is likely the most efficient way to clear your property of leaves, but also the most strenuous for your body. 

Another approach is to do a little bit of clean up every weekend, or every few days. This strategy will be easier on your body and more manageable, but also more time-consuming. If you plan on mowing or mulching the leaves, you might want to choose the second method to prevent the leaves from piling up.  

When planning your timing, you’ll also want to consider the weather. Rain will weigh the leaves down and make them more challenging to move. Windy conditions will make it more difficult to gather and control all the debris.  

Have The Right Tools Ready 

Take some time to plan out your strategy and ensure that you have the right equipment for the job: 

  • Rake – The most necessary tool for leaf clean up is a good rake! A bigger rake makes for a smaller job, making them the popular choice. Make sure to pick one out you are comfortable with using.
  • Blower – Leaf blowers will help you get the job done quickly and are ideal for those that are less fit for intense yard work. Use a leaf blower to blow leaves into piles or get leaves out of those tough to rake or reach areas.
  • Vacuum – Maybe a leaf vacuum is the perfect leaf clean up tool for you. Let this vacuum suck the leaves right up into a vacuum to make bagging and disposal easier than ever.  
  • Lawnmower – Try using your lawnmower! Mowing right over the leaves will shred them up, and bagging them so much easier! This is an excellent technique if you want to use the leaves for compost or mulch. 
  • Tarp – Have you ever thought about using a tarp? Lay down a large tarp and rake the leaves directly on to it. Transporting the leaves either to a wooded area nearby, your compost site or into bags is easier with this unique technique!  

Raking Strategies

Raking is an essential part of any yard clean up, and here are some strategies to help make it as easy as possible:

  • Rake your leaves toward their final destination – Whether it’s a bin, can, or compost pile, start at the furthest point and rake toward that spot. 
  • Don’t rake the leaves into one big pile – Instead, rake the leaves into multiple, smaller piles to make cleaning up a lot easier.
  • Take lots of breaks – Don’t overwork your body and tire yourself out quickly, especially if you’re choosing to do the entire clean up in one day.
  • Watch your posture – Be mindful of how much you’re bending over while raking. Choosing the right size rake and taking little steps while raking instead of bending over and dragging the leaves will make a big difference.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

One of the most crucial parts of cleaning up your property is checking and removing leaves from the roof and your gutters. Winter is quickly approaching, and your roof and gutters will be the first line of defense in protecting your entire home from damage due to the elements. Check your roof and gutters for leaves and other debris, and have them cleaned as soon as possible.

Property Maintenance in Fairfield County

If you need help with any of these tasks, we’re here to help. Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions can exceed your expectations and ensure that your property is always looking and performing its best. Give us a call at (203) 762-5167 to learn more. 

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