Cleaning Gutters Before Winter Fully Hits

While it might seem too late, it’s important to consider the fact that there’s still work that can be done on your home, and it can really make a difference in your quality of life at home during AND after the colder months. Check out a few reasons why cleaning your gutters should be on your top list of things to do this year. 


If not obvious, your gutters should never be clogged — but after a harsh and windy fall season, it might not be as clear as you might think. Because of this, it’s important to understand that routine maintenance is not encouraged, it’s necessary. These clogs can help free up the area inside the gutter which will allow less weight to be held, and allow water to flow out.

Clearing Debris

Similar to clogs, debris that’s built up on the side of, on top of, or around the gutter and downspout can be a huge issue once winter snow and ice also puts a bit of weight on it. This is mainly because while the weight sits there, the affixed gutters and spouts become harder to hold by a few screws. Most of the time, they’ll do their job — and then sometimes, they’re going to fail. If you prevent a big amount of weight from doing so, you extend the life of your gutters, roofing, siding — and even the size of your wallet! 

Flooding Is No Fun

The result of the above two issues is one of the worst, pooling water. While it might be a good idea to have some excess water around when it’s warm, the last thing you actually want is poorly draining water at home and an issue where you’re left with flooding inside your home, or on the lawn. Make sure downspouts are free, clear, and pointed away from sensitive areas in your home and you’re in a much better spot when the colder weather finally moves away.

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