How to Repair Your Lawn After a Heatwave

Have you ever sat outside during a heatwave in the summertime?

The strong rays of the sun and high temperatures can burn your skin, cause you to become dehydrated, and is ultimately not good for any person.

Heatwaves have a similar effect on lawns.

If your lawn is covered in dead, brown patches, there are ways to bring your lawn back to life.

What to Expect With a Heat Damaged Lawn

When your lawn has heat damaged, it doesn’t just turn brown — the dead, brown grass will eventually disappear and reveal the ground beneath it.

These bare patches of ground are easily susceptible to weeds. This is why you need to cover bare patches of your lawn with seeds in order to try and regrow the grass. Otherwise, weeds will begin to take over.

The sun isn’t the only thing that causes bare patches to appear. Other factors include:

  • Nutrient-deficient soil
  • Mowing too frequently
  • Increased foot traffic
  • Lack of water
  • Lighting off fireworks on the grass (we’re joking, but we’re also serious!)

Steps to Repair Dead Grass

  • Start by removing any weeds that may have started growing, especially near the bare patches.
  • Water the entire lawn; give it a deep watering so the water has been soaked at least six inches deep.
  • Have your lawn dethatched, followed by core aeration. Both of these can be done by you, however, a professional will do the best job. (The aeration part also requires an aerator which you will also need to rent or buy.)
  • Once the lawn has been prepped, begin spreading grass seed.
  • Lightly water the grass seed daily in the first week or so. Be careful to not over water the lawn, as this can kill your existing lawn.
  • Moving forward, you may want to mow the lawn less and raise the height of the mower blade. This will place less stress on your lawn.

Those who aren’t on top of their property maintenance during summer can experience a dead lawn out of nowhere!

If you’re too busy or not equipped to maintain your lawn as you should be, don’t panic! That’s why we’re here!

Our professionals can provide you with the best property maintenance and landscaping services around!

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