How to Host the Perfect Summer Barbecue

Are you looking to have a barbecue at your home this summer?

There’s nothing that says “summer” like inviting over a bunch of your friends and family, grilling some food, and relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard!

Make sure you don’t forget these necessities so you can throw the best barbecue of the summer!

1) Have Lighting Ready

During the summertime, the sun doesn’t go down until late. But the great thing about barbecues is that they usually last long after the sun has gone down.

This isn’t a problem for those that are prepared! The best way to light up your patio is with a set of string lights. These fun and festive lights will create the perfect ambiance for an outdoor summer barbecue.

Opt for a solar-powered model and pair them with an automatic timer (and maybe even a tiki torch or two)!

2) Cook and Host at the Same Time!

When you’re the one hosting the barbecue, a lot of your time can be spent running back and forth between your kitchen and the grill.

You shouldn’t be doing that! You should be entertaining your guests while also grilling some tasty food!

But how can you do both at the same time?

Invest in an outdoor kitchen that will allow you to prep and cook all of the food in one central location. Not only will this allow you to stay outside near your guests, this spot also becomes the central hub of the party. People love to congregate around wherever the food is!

3) Snacks & Drinks

While you’re busy cooking the food and telling that awesome joke you heard last week, your guests should be sipping on drinks and munching on snacks.

Makes sure you’ve set up a few different coolers filled with adult beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, kid-friendly beverages, and of course — lots and lots of water! Don’t forget the ice!

You should also have an adequate amount of snacks available. A few containers of chips and veggies should do just fine.

While most hosts place the snacks far away from the grill so they’re not bothered or overwhelmed, a host with an outdoor kitchen will have more than enough room to prepare and grill the food while snacking and talking to friends!

4) Have Enough Seating

This tip is simple enough — for every person invited, make sure you have that many chairs.

Even though many people will prefer to stand at a barbecue, people can easily become tired and dehydrated just like that.

Bonus Tip: Make sure all of the seating is close enough to the drinks, speakers, food, and patio (if you can’t fit everyone on the patio itself).

5) After-Dark Entertainment

After the sun sets and your patio and landscape lighting turn on, the late night drinks and stories begin to happen! To make the evening (and every other barbecue this summer) that much better, add a fire pit to your backyard.

A fire pit will allow the party to:

  • Congregate in a central area
  • Toast foods (marshmallows, hot dogs, popcorn, etc.)
  • Light up the backyard even more
  • Keep everyone warm on the cooler nights

There’s nothing more iconic than barbecues in the summertime. If you’re looking to host a few yourself and have them be the best nights of the season, make sure you follow all of the tips listed above!

For anyone looking to add an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or upgraded patio to their backyard, our professionals can do all of that! Be sure to give us a call and we can design something special and unique just for you!

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