How To Protect Your Shrubs From Winter Deer Damage

There are many deer here in Connecticut, and any homeowner knows that they can do some serious damage during the winter season. Adult deer are capable of eating up to six pounds of plant material a day, so if they find something yummy to snack on on your property, they’re bound to return and eat all your plants and shrubs.

Here are some helpful ways to protect your shrubs during the winter season:

Apply a Deer Repellent

Purchasing a deer repellent is a great first line of defense to protect your shrubs. Spray the repellent on any vulnerable plants or trees, ideally before the temperatures drop below freezing. Treat any shrubs or young trees that are at least below a height of 6 feet and would be reachable for most deer. 

Keep Your Shrubs Covered

Another option is to simply keep all your shrubs covered temporarily throughout the winter season. You can use netting or burlap tarps that are secured down as a protective barrier. This will encourage deer to look elsewhere for a snack. Once spring arrives, be sure to remove the covers to allow your plants to grow.

Use Fencing

Close off your property entirely by wrapping your yard or trees in fencing. Deer fencing should be at least 8 feet tall to ensure they can’t get over them. This method is highly effective but can be labor-intensive, and you’ll also want to prepare a space in your home to store the fencing until winter arrives again.

Remove Any Food Sources

Another method is to completely rid your yard of any food sources for the deer. Bird feeders, especially one with sunflowers seeds and various types of plants or shrubs, are very enticing to deer and are sure to attract them. Move potted plants up onto your porch since deer will be reluctant to climb any stairs. When the deer see that you don’t have any good food to offer, they’ll stop returning.


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