What To Do If You’re Concerned About Your Neighbors Trees

Just about any home’s property has trees, and though they can be beautiful and add much-needed shade, they can also cause lots of problems. Trees are typically the most prominent concern causing damage during storms, or if they haven’t been taken care of, so it’s very often that homeowners want to do what they can to keep their home safe. 

If the issue is with a neighbors tree, you may have many questions and wonder what’s the best way to go about correcting the problem. Take a look at these common questions about tree disputes and their answers:

Can I trim my neighbor’s tree branches that hang into my yard?

You can trim any part of the tree that is on your property. You must stay on your side of the property line and not touch any part of the tree that is part of your neighbors land. If for any reason you harm the tree to the point it is killed, or you do trim the tree over to your neighbor’s property, you will be liable to pay for damages.

How can I tell if myself or my neighbor owns the tree?

When it comes to determining who owns a tree, you first want to be aware of the property lines. Whoever has the majority of the tree trunk, or the tree’s base, on their property is the owner and is liable for the tree.

What should I do if my neighbor’s tree looks like it’s going to fall on my house?

Homeowners are responsible for taking care of and maintaining the trees that are on their property. These responsibilities include inspecting your tree’s safety and well-being periodically and doing what’s needed to maintain a safe landscape for everyone. If the tree does look like a risk, consult with your neighbor to have it fixed or be liable for any damages caused by it falling.

What should I do if my neighbor’s tree caused damage to my property?

If a branch from your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, homeowners insurance should cover any damages caused. Suppose no damage has been done, but there is substantial cleaning up needed. Since your neighbor owns the tree, you can reach out to them and have them help or pay for a service to assist, but your insurance should cover any costs associated with fallen branches on your property, regardless of who owns the tree.


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