Landscape Design Trends For 2021

2021 is truly shaping up to be the year of outdoor living! In the wake of the pandemic, we realize the importance of enjoying your space at home and embracing outdoor living to its fullest, so the new year’s landscape design trends truly reflect this idea. Here at Ambrosio Landscaping solutions, we want to ensure you that we continue to develop new, exciting, and creative ways for you to be amazed by your backyard space each and every day.

Take a look at 2021’s most exciting landscape design trends:

Gardens With Purpose

There has been a dramatic shift away from static, distant, and unexciting backyard gardens. Homeowners are now looking for more ways to create the perfect landscape to enjoy more time outdoors, which means it’s time to elevate your garden. This includes unique plants, experimenting with heights, colors, and shapes, and even incorporating other elements such as rocks, art, or water features. As well, homeowners want to be closer to nature, so adding a hammock, chairs, or couch right next to your garden is a great way to embrace your backyard.

Impressive Relaxation Areas

2021 is all about rest and relaxation! Make your backyard an everyday vacation spot where you can focus on peace and tranquility. Consider creating a separate space with lounge chairs or a hammock that’s more secluded and has features such as waterfalls, ponds, flowers, fire pits, and more that add to the relaxed vibe.

Privacy is Important

Another essential aspect of creating a zen place in your backyard is to ensure you have proper privacy from any nosy neighbors. Using trees, fences, walls, and plants can help keep your entire property private or make an area or space more hidden from others so you can feel at peace knowing no one can bother you. The goal is to have areas of your landscape where you can feel confident that no one can interrupt you or watch you so you can focus on relaxation.

Growing Food in Your Garden

Incorporating a garden full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs continues to grow in popularity, and that’s not stopping in 2021. More and more people are finding value in knowing where your food comes from and using fresh and high-quality ingredients while cooking. Even in the smallest of spaces, it is still possible to make room for fresh foods to grow yourself. If you need help getting started, We’ll do the hard work, so all you have to do is harvest when the time is right with our organic gardening services. Which fruits and vegetables would you like to grow?

Subtle Lighting

Backyard lighting has always been essential to continue outdoor gatherings after the sun goes down. Finding ways to make lighting subtle and contrasting the light with the dark to highlight various areas of your landscape is becoming a popular challenge for homeowners. Try downlighting or uplight lighting trees, hidden lights through your garden, simple string lights across a fence, or lights lining walkways and on the ground. The most important aspect of this trend is hiding your light source and creating an environment that’s relaxing and not overly lit with blinding bright lights.  


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