How Landscaping Increases Home Value

Whether you’re buying a new home or selling a home, price is one of the biggest things for both parties associated. Small updates to the bathrooms, basement and kitchens can all have a large effect on how much someone is willing to pay for a home, or how much someone is going to require in order to sell it. Whether you’re buying or selling, the below categories showcase how some things on the outside can help increase the value of a home.

Grounds & Grass

Landscaping can be a tough project for many — and even some DIY’ers think it can be too much! When looking at homes, always know that a home requiring intricate landscaping work — whether it’s turning a ton of soil, flattening the land, or seeding it for grass — can become very expensive and time consuming. You may think that the home you’re getting is a good deal, but know that the added costs of that can increase the overall cost, and quickly! On the opposite side, it’s sometimes a good idea to offer a small discount to sweeten the deal to a prospective buyer, so they can feel like they’ve won without having to shell out extra money for the work. 

Backyard Maintenance

Someone looks into the backyard of a home and sees that a dog has torn up many parts of the grass — and that can be an issue for some. Going back to the first point, landscaping requirements can quickly increase overall costs — so having maintenance completed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can save you from having to lower the price of a home you’re selling just because of some grass issues. 

Curb Appeal

As we’ve stated before, many people looking at a home for the first time have their opinions within a few moments, and someone who has a positive outlook within the first few moments is likely going to be willing to pay a little more for the property than someone who immediately believes the home needs more work to get it to a good place. Consider all of these points before you put your home up for sale, as the market can be tough and a little up front cost can provide a huge ROI overall!

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