4 Flowers You Can Easily Maintain

With spring comes the blooming of beautiful flowers all around. If your lawn needs some color, consider changing up your floral decor. Though it might seem like an intimidating task, we have a list of some of the most natural flower types to maintain throughout the seasons: 

1. Sunflower

These beautiful, vibrant flowers will surely take your lawn to the next level. They are easy to take care of and grow best in areas that experience direct sunlight. They don’t need to be watered continuously, either. A touch of yellow will brighten your landscape and will make it a happy place, remember to give them plenty of space. 

2. Zinnia

Often resembling daisies or dahlias, ranging in shape and color, these annuals are a great variety to add to your garden. They require moderate attention, with about one inch per week needed. Like the sunflower, as long as they are placed in a spot with plenty of sunlight, they’ll be easy to manage.

3. Marigolds

True to their name, marigolds carry colors such as gold, yellow, and orange. They are another flower that can brighten your lawn without lots of labor. Once you plant them, they require lots of sunlight and moderate watering. Bonus: they are also a great way to repel mosquitos 

4. Impatiens

These soft flowers are often found at your local garden center, and they come in almost every color you could imagine. Well rooted, impatiens don’t require full sunlight. Making them the perfect plant to utilize in more shaded areas. These flowers are a great way to spruce up a walkway, too. 

When you’re ready to upgrade your lawn and upgrade to a more detailed floral design, grab the phone and give Ambrosio Landscaping a call! Our landscaping services and property maintenance will provide you with the best and most colorful lawn on the block. 

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