5 Best Flowers For The Holiday Season

Flowers are a great way to celebrate any holiday, no matter the time of year. This holiday season, fill your home with some of the most festive flowers in bright red, crisp white, and other stunning colors.  

From the team at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions, here are the top five flowers for your home during the holiday season:


A Christmas classic, poinsettias are probably the most popular flower to see around the holidays – and with good reason! Though really a plant, their bright leaves resemble delicate flower petals, and their red and white colors truly embrace the holiday season. Just be careful with them around your pets, as they can make them sick!


This tall standing flower has dramatic red and white petals with gorgeous green leaves that will match perfectly into your holiday decorations. Amaryllis flowers are perfect if you’re looking for a more graceful and pretty flower that still has a vibrant color. You’ll also probably notice a light, sweet smell filling the room thanks to these beauties.  


The ever lovely rose looks beautiful all year round, but when white and red varieties are paired together, they are perfect for holiday flower arrangements! Roses are also great because they can easily be paired with other plants and accessories such as pine cones, ribbons, and other flowers to match your holiday vibe. 

White Lilies

If you’re looking for a more chic and elegant flower to add to your bouquet, try some timeless white lilies. Their brilliant white color truly embodies the feeling of peace and hope, which is perfect for this time of year. And If you needed another reason to get some lilies, their fresh, earthy scent is just right.

Christmas Cactus

And last but certainly not least, give this appropriately named winter-flowering plant a try! Christmas cactuses are easy to care for and bloom just in time for the holidays with red and white flowers. Just be careful not to keep it sitting in direct light for long periods at risk of burning the delicate leaves.


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