Easy Ways to be More Eco-Friendly at Home

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle can give you peace of mind knowing you’re helping to protect the environment and minimizing your waste and carbon footprint, and you can start right at home!

The home is a great place to start if you’re looking to live more sustainably, and you can get the whole family involved. It’s easier than you think!

Try out these easy ways to live more environmentally-friendly at home:

Reuse What You Can

There are plenty of easy switches you can make throughout your home to help you reuse more and waste less. Invest in reusable plates, glasses, and silverware rather than buying disposable plastic or paper plates. Use reusable canvas bags when going out shopping for food and other items. Switch to washable towels instead of paper towels when washing your hands or cloth napkins that can be washed and reused instead of paper ones. Not only is reusing a great way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home, but you’ll also save money!

Recycle More

Take advantage of the ease of recycling nowadays, and set up recycling bins for plastic, paper, glass, and even metals in your home. Find out what recycling can be picked up from your house by your town or where you can drop them off. This is an easy way to minimize the waste in your home and send your discarded items to a place where they can be reused or disposed of more safely.

Eat Less Meat

Reducing your family’s meat consumption can make a more significant impact on the environment than you may think. According to a United Nations study, the raising of livestock accounts for about nine percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions that stem from human activities. Try replacing meat-heavy meals with vegetables or even seafood!

Utilize Technology

Digitization is everything in today’s society. Utilizing technology makes it easy to minimize paper waste and helps save trees! The next time you reach for a notebook, instead reach for your handy electronic device and write down what you need there. 

Start a Compost Pile or Bin

Compost piles or bins help turn typical food and yard waste into compost that can help your plants grow! Buying compost can be expensive, so why not turn items around your home that would typically be thrown out into something useful that will save you money? Composting at home is easier than you may think.

Purchase The Right Light Bulbs

The next time you’re shopping for new light bulbs, choose a more eco-friendly option such as compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These light bulbs can last up to five times longer than standard ones and use much less electricity. This easy switch can make a big difference!

Reduce Water Waste

Cut back on purchases of bottled water and purchase a water filter instead. You’ll save money and reduce plastic waste. You can also lower your water bill and reduce water waste by taking showers instead of baths, taking quicker showers, and installing a low-flow showerhead. 

Cut Down on Energy

Who doesn’t want smaller energy bills and more spare money? Some simple ways to do this are by keeping your thermostat high in the summer and lower in the winter, taking showers with colder water, unplugging appliances when they aren’t being used, washing as much laundry as possible in cold water, and using a drying rack or clothesline outdoors instead of a dryer.  

Borrow And Buy Second-Hand Goods

There are plenty of things you spend money on that you could get much cheaper by borrowing or buying used items. Try renting movies and books from the local library, shopping at thrift stores, and buying or borrowing pre-owned items before buying new. This is an easy way to save money, and often not sacrifice the quality of goods for the lower price. Not to mention, by borrowing and buying second-hand items, you help keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

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