Do I Need to Repair or Replace my Driveway?

Your driveway works hard each and every day. Over time, it is continuously exposed to vehicles’ weight, erosion, the elements, and oil leaks, all of which degrade and destroy the surface material. Cracks, potholes, drainage issues, and a weathered appearance are bound to happen and are signs that your driveway needs updating. A tired and damaged looking driveway can totally kill your curb appeal and home’s value. 

Here are a few things signs that your driveway needs to be replaced or repaired and what to consider when making that decision:


Visible cracks are a quick way to tell that your driveway’s surface is failing and needs some serious TLC right away to avoid more serious and more costly cracks from growing. 

In general, if the cracks are less than a quarter of an inch wide, you should be able to just repair the surface. You can also then reseal and refinish the entire surface for a uniform appearance once again. However, larger cracks are signs of a more serious issue, and a patch job will not work. Especially in Connecticut’s  climate where temperatures reach below freezing, replacing your driveway’s surface is essential to prevent water from seeping in the cracks and freezing, making the damage worse quickly.

Existing Material

Some surfaces are easier to repair than others, so the material of your driveway will play a significant role in choosing whether to repair or replace. For example, suppose your driveway is made of natural cobblestone. In that case, you may only have to replace the few cracked pieces instead of with a concrete driveway where you’ll likely have to replace it in its entirety, regardless of where the crack is located.  

Another factor to consider with your driveway material is how quickly it ages. Some surfaces can appear weather just after a few years from sun exposure and constant traffic, while others can better disguise wear and tear.

Drainage Issues

A driveway in good condition won’t be affected by water much. If you notice rainwater pooling or running down the middle of your driveway, you’re likely experiencing drainage issues, which can be a serious problem. If unresolved, the driveway surface can weaken, and cracks or even potholes will quickly start appearing. 

Whether or not your entire driveway needs to be repaired or replaced will depend on the material. Potentially, installing strip drains, replacing drainage piping, or adding curbing can do the trick. If the damage is too severe already, a full replacement is likely necessary.


No driveway can last forever! Driveways all need to be replaced after a certain amount of years, and some materials last longer than others. For example, asphalt driveways, on average, will need to be redone every 20 years, and concrete driveways should be replaced every 25 years. 

If your driveway is experiencing problems and it’s relatively old, repair jobs won’t always be effective, and you’re better off investing in a replacement. A new driveway is always great for curb appeal, your home’s value, and you likely won’t have to worry about problems for years to come.

Driveway Installation in Fairfield County

If you notice any of these issues and need repairing or replacing your driveway, let the experts at Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions help! We can exceed your expectations and ensure that your property is always looking and performing its best.

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