Why Invest in a Backyard Ice Rink

While most people spend all winter bundled up inside, away from the cold, you don’t have to! Grab your hats, gloves, and skates, because the place to be this chilly, winter season is on the ice. Stay enjoying outdoor living this season with your very own ice rink! You’ll be the coolest ones on the block for sure.

Why Should You Rent or Buy An Ice Rink?

During an unprecedented time where it’s not safe to be in close contact with each other, especially indoors, looking for ways to stay close and connected with others can make a big impact! An ice rink right on your property ready for some skating is the perfect way to gather with family or friends for some safe outdoor fun.

Rent or buy a new ice rink for a winter to remember! Try out a rink for a season to get a taste for how much you’ll love it or have one installed that you’re guaranteed to treasure for years and years to come.

Outdoor Fun All Winter Long!

The opportunities for fun with your own ice rink are endless. Bundle up and gather some friends or family at any hour of the day for some fun and safe outdoor activities:

  • Hockey – Gather some sticks, pucks, and goals and get a great game going!
  • Figure skating – Put yourself to the test and learn some figure skating skills and tricks that are sure to impress everyone.
  • Exercise – Get a fun workout in by skating around quick or slow
  • Games – Play a round of ice tag and other fun games you can create; the fun is endless!

No matter what you plan on using your ice rink for, the fun will never stop and will be right in your own backyard!


Ice Rink Installation in Fairfield County

Are you looking to rent or install your very own ice rink onto your property this winter? We’ve got you covered! The professionals at Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions are here to have your rink installed in no time so that you can get started on the most fun winter season ever! Give us a call at (203) 762-5167 or visit our website to learn more and reserve your rink.

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