When Does Grass Start Growing Back?

While winter is in full-swing, it’s usually not the best time to head out onto the deck with your coffee, and gaze at your beautiful green yard. And while people would like to do that, the reality is that your grass and trees won’t have bright colors for another few months. But that begs the question for many people — when DOES the grass and leaves begin to grow back? It’s not always black and white, but we’ve broken it down below.


At the end of the day, like many things, water is necessary to help most, if not all things grow. And while it’s below freezing some days, and too cold for anything else to soften up, water can’t necessarily absorb into most areas, which inhibits grass from growing. Only when the temperature has been consistent enough to thaw out the ground underneath you, will water begin to absorb into the dirt and more, finally enabling grass growth.


Similar to the above, soil needs to be aerated at times in order to allow nutrients to become free, which will provide growth opportunities for the grass and other shrubbery. Aeration can typically be completed in one of two ways, and it’s recommended to have this completed by someone who can lay out a plan for your grass, and attack it for best results when the spring comes.


The most important of all is temperature. Without this, the above two factors won’t be as beneficial and you’ll suffer from an underperforming lawn. Traditionally, you’ll want to see consistent temperatures above 50 degrees in order to allow the soil and ground to thaw out, begin reaping the benefits from an aeration, and then the ability to absorb moisture from spring showers, sprinklers, and so on. 


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