What is the Difference Between Pillars and Columns?

The terms pillar and column are often used interchangeably to describe a vertical standing architectural structure. They both serve as functional and attractive design elements to add to homes or buildings, but actually have different purposes and reasons for their construction. Let’s take a look at those differences:  

What is a Pillar?

A pillar is a large, typically cylindrical or square, solid structure that stands upright as support in a home or building, either structurally or aesthetically. Pillars can be designed to hold weight from roofs, second floors, or ceilings to help make the building or home structurally safe and sound. These can be made of marble, stone, brick, wood, or metal and designed to match the surrounding architecture and decor. Pillars can also be free-standing as a stand-alone piece for design and attractiveness.

Stone pillar next to a gate

What is a Column?

A column is a specific type of pillar that plays an integral part in the design and structure of the home or building. They have solid bases and can be constructed in varying shapes such as rectangular, circular, square, hexagonal, etc. Columns can hold an incredible amount of weight and are designed to be load-bearing as part of the architectural design. Unlike pillars, columns are solely used and constructed to support substantial amounts of weight that otherwise couldn’t stand up on its own.

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