What Is The Best Driveway Material?

Your driveway sets the stage for your home, so make sure it looks exactly as you’ve always dreamed! Whether you’re getting it redone or starting from scratch, it’s essential to learn what material is best for you, your vision, budget, and home; and there is a lot to choose from.

Consider the pros and cons of each of these materials before redoing your driveway:


Concrete driveways are great if you’re looking for durability, versatility, and something low-maintenance. This material provides a stable, secure, and smooth foundation that holds up well in any climate. Though a bit more expensive than other materials and bland-looking at first, concrete can be painted or designed to look how you want.


Installing a gravel driveway is quick and great for budget-conscious people, especially if you have a long driveway. Gravel also naturally compacts easily to create a stable surface that sheds water quickly and is very customizable. You may want to reconsider another option, however, if your area gets too much snow as it can be tough to remove, and gravel requires more maintenance.

Paving Stones

Stone driveways are incredibly long-lasting when appropriately done and certainly are great for curb appeal. You can design the perfect driveway to match your home with plenty of stone color and shape options. Another plus for paving stones is that they are very low maintenance, prevent water pooling, and can even have a heater installed underneath to handle the snow. The big con with this choice is that it is probably the most expensive option.


Mainly composed of rock, sand, and cement, asphalt driveways are popular because they feel like concrete in that they are smooth, sleek, and sturdy, but much better for your bank account. Though they are very durable, it’s best to have the driveway sealed every few years to prevent damage from the hot summer sun.


The various color and pattern options make brick a very enticing and elegant choice. Though expensive to have installed, brick driveways are great for value and curb appeal, long-lasting, and provide a relatively smooth surface. It’s important to note that brick also requires periodic maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best.

Driveway Installation in Fairfield County

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