Protecting Your Trees and Plants From Deer

The weather is getting colder, and the deer are out and about! Many residents know the frustration of noticing your beautiful plants and trees have been chewed and eaten by predators. Remember that deer are graceful animals just trying to find a nice meal, so keep that in mind as you work to protect your landscape.

Take a look at these methods of keeping deer away from your shrubbery, trees, and flowers:

Deer Resistant Plants

Plenty of plants are naturally deer resistant because of their taste, fragrance, and texture. There are lots of flowers, trees, and shrubs to choose from, so do your research before designing and planting your outdoor landscape. 

It is important to also keep in mind that deer will eat just about any plant under extreme nutritional distress, so this method isn’t completely guaranteed.

Fencing, Netting, and Other Protective structures

There are various types of enclosures that you can use to keep the deer off your property:  

  • Wire fences – A great, long-term solution, these fences are durable, flexible, and designed to minimize injury to deer who get tangled.
  • Electric fences – This fence type will apply a light shock to deer that touch it in an effort to keep them from returning.
  • Fishing line – This low-effort tactic can help keep deer away from plants if you make a simple perimeter using thin wiring or string.
  • Plant shelters – Construct a cover for your plants that will keep deer off and protect them in the winter.

Remember, a fence or barrier is only as strong as its weakest point, so be sure to check the perimeter for damage periodically.


Deer repellants usually work best when used on less palatable plants in smaller areas, but this is more of a short-term solution. The repellent should both smell and taste bad to the deer to keep them from eating the plant and returning.

Apply the repellent as early in the season as possible and reapply regularly. Be sure to apply on dry days when temperatures are above freezing and start from the top of the plant and work your way down.

Frightening The Deer

Another short-term solution is trying to scare the deer off and away from your property. Some effective options include loud noises, motion-activated sprinklers, or bright lights. Letting your dogs outside can also be useful, but unfortunately, most of these methods are only temporary, and deer can adapt to some of these tactics.

Habitat Modification

If you’re noticing too many deer on your property, you can always try making your yard less attractive to them. Though this method works best when combining it with another, it’s easy to accomplish. 

Replace plants that attract deer with flowers and trees that would be less desirable and palatable. Also, try moving your attractive plants closer to areas with more human activity or surrounding desirable flowers with deer-resistant plants.

Property Maintenance in Fairfield County

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