How To Keep Your Pool Clean

Nothing screams summer like a refreshing dip in the pool! But to keep your pool sparkling clean and usable, it’s crucial to practice proper maintenance habits. Preventative maintenance can help save you money and will give you peace of mind knowing your swimming pool is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look at these tips to help you ensure a safe and clean swimming pool all summer long:

Check The Pool Chemistry

The most important thing you need to do is check the chemistry of your pool. Luckily, various test strips and kits can tell you the chemical balance of your swimming pool’s water very quickly. Check the pool water’s chemistry at least once or twice a week while the pool is in use.

Check The pH Levels

You’ll also want to check your pool water’s pH level to ensure it’s where it should be. An ideal pH level for your swimming pool is between 7.2 and 7.8. A pH level that’s too high will render the chlorine ineffective, and a pH level that is too low makes the chlorine too strong.  

Check The Chlorinator

If you have a chlorinator adding chlorine to your pool, be sure to give it a regular check to ensure there is no damage or signs of clogging. 

Empty the Skimmer and Hair and Lint Pot

The skimmer basket located at the side of your pool is there to trap any debris or contaminants that find their way into the pool, and there’s bound to be some. Clean the skimmer out every few days to keep the water clean. Another area of your pool that needs regular emptying is the hair and lint pot right outside your pump. Be sure to turn off the pump and release the system pressure before cleaning out the space.

Check The Water Level

Your pool’s water level should be just up to the top of the pool skimmer for optimal performance. A low water level can cause the pump to dry up and burn, and if the water level is too high, the skimmer won’t work correctly, leading to a dirty pool.

Clean The Pool Filter

Another spot that will need to be cleaned a few times a year is the pool filter. If you notice the drain at the bottom of your pool is obstructed, the house cleaner is slow, or there is an odd odor emitting from the pool, that signals to you it’s time to clean the pool filter.  

Monitor The Pool Structures

Aside from the water and filters, you’ll want to keep an eye on the structural items around your pool. If you notice any cracks in the stones, weakened walls, protective gates, or alarms are broken, be sure to have them fixed as soon as possible.

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