Summer Pool Safety Tips

Is there anything better than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day? Before taking a refreshing swim, be sure you’re caught up on the most essential pool safety tips to ensure you and your family are safe around the pool and other bodies of water:

Teach children how to swim.

When children know how to swim adequately, they become more comfortable around water, and the risks of drowning or severe injury are heavily decreased. Children can start learning how to swim as young as infant age, so you can never start too early. Signing up for local lessons with a professional can help ensure their skills are as strong as possible.

Never leave children unattended.

It’s essential to always have an eye on children when they are in a pool—even beyond children, having someone else around while swimming is always best in case of an accident. Even for a moment, if you need to leave, ask another adult to watch children while they are in or around the pool.

Install proper barriers.

Having sound barriers, fences, and alarms installed around your pool to keep unsupervised children and pets from falling into the water will give you peace of mind and prevent serious injury.  

Stay away from drains.

Hair, jewelry, bathing suits, and even limbs can accidentally get stuck or sucked into drains or suction openings, so it’s important to teach children not to swim near drains. You can also invest in drain covers that will keep everyone safe from drains.

Learn CPR.

Those nearby are often the first to provide aid to someone who was drowning, so learning CPR can help save your children or others dying due to a drowning accident. Find a class near you with help from the Red Cross so you can be trained in CPR and potentially save lives.  


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