Preventing Ticks in Your Yard

No one likes ticks. These creepy crawlies live and hide in the greenery across your property, waiting to bite and feast on blood. Unfortunately, there’s more to be worried about than just a pesky bite; ticks can also carry and transfer serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease. To keep you, your family, and your pets protected, there are several actions you can take to reduce their populations outside your home.  

If you need some help minimizing those pesky ticks in your yard, these tips might help: 

Apply Pesticides Outdoors

Using a proper pesticide can help reduce ticks in treated areas of your property. When using pesticides, it’s crucial to always follow the instructions and safety warnings on the label. It’s also ideal to check your local health and agricultural regulations to determine the best pesticide type, the right time to apply it, and any other rules that need to be followed.  

Get Rid of Tick Habitats

Ticks live in grassy areas, trees, and shrubs, so keeping your yard well-maintained can help reduce their populations. First, ensure your lawn is mowed frequently; ticks will start to hide in your grass if it gets high enough. Next, keep your shrubs and bushes around your yard trimmed and cleared. Lastly, remove any debris on your property that ticks can hide in, such as trash, wood piles, old furniture, etc.  

Discourage Unwelcome Animals

Just like ticks like to bite you, they want to bite animals. Install fences around your property to help keep unwanted guests such as deer, raccoons, and stray dogs out of your yard. 

Keep Your Living Areas Away From Trees

To better ensure you and your family don’t get bitten by ticks, stay away from the greenery on your property. If you have playground equipment, lounge chairs, patio furniture, etc., set them up away from your trees and plants. 

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