Poisonous Plants To Lookout For

If you’re stepping out into the great outdoors, make sure you take some time to brush up on your knowledge of poisonous plants that could leave with a serious reaction if touched. 

From the landscaping experts at Ambrosio Landscape Solutions, here are the most common poisonous plants to be on the lookout for: 

Poison Ivy

You’ve likely heard of poison ivy before, as it’s incredibly common and one of the most easily identifiable poisonous plants. You can spot it from its distinct three leaves, one in the center and two on each side. Poison ivy leaves also have a shiny, smooth surface with slightly notched edges. The color is typically a bright green, but the color can change like the surrounding trees during the fall.  

Poison Oak

Poison oak is a dense shrub that can grow up to six feet tall with green, yellow, or white berries. The leaves of this plant have more jagged edges and are green but can have a reddish, purple shade when damaged. When the leaves of poison oak are damaged or bruised, an oil called urushiol is released, which, when touched, can cause severe dermatitis and an allergic rash. 

Poison Sumac

Poison sumac grows around wet or flooded swamp-like areas in forests. Like poison oak, they release an oil called urushiol when bruised or damaged, which can cause a serious rash when touched. Poison sumac grows as a small shrub or tree with stems containing 7 to 13 leaflets with pointy, jagged tips and red veins.  

Wild Parsnip

Wild parsnips have pretty, small, yellow flowers which may entice you to touch or smell them, but don’t! Contact with the sap of the wild parsnip plant can cause a painful and light-sensitive rash, which may also lead to blistering and scarring. In severe cases and contact with the eyes, blindness can occur. Wild parsnip is most commonly found in open fields, prairies, and along bike paths.  

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