Landscaping Tips For Spring

You may be ready for spring, but is your landscape ready? The drastic change in weather means that your plant life is eager to grow and enjoy the beautiful weather, just like you, but it needs some help first.  

Managing your landscape in spring is a difficult job, but hopefully, these tips help:

Clean Your Yard

The fall and winter months can be harsh and leave a lot of debris across your property. Come springtime, the first thing you should do is clear out any large debris, rake up leaves, and start with a clean slate. 

Don’t Forget to Prune

Pruning or selectively removing dead or overgrown branches from a plant when spring first starts will ensure the best results for your trees and shrubs as they grow. Doing this can help ensure good health while growing and any potentially dangerous limbs or branches are gone.

Refresh Your Mulch

Fresh mulch can go a long way in ensuring your plants grow properly. Mulch works to control moisture absorption to prevent excessive weed growth. If your area gets plenty of rain, this is even more essential. Don’t forget to remove the old mulch before adding anything new!

Be Sure to Use Fertilizer

Fertilizer, simply put, helps your plants grow strong and healthy! It provides your lawn and plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. The ideal time to add fertilizer to your landscape is shortly after or before any light rain arrives as best you can. 

Know The Best Planting Times

While you may be eager to start planting new trees, shrubs, flowers, and produce, it’s essential to grow them at the right time for them to thrive. While some plants don’t mind colder nights and rain, others need more sunlight and less water. Do a little research, check with the seedling packages, and check with your local garden center for help before adding anything to your soil. 

Seek Help From a Professional Team

Spring landscaping is no easy task; it requires a ton of hard labor and expertise to ensure a healthy lawn and plant life. A local landscaping team can not only help with a spring clean-up but also provide regular maintenance all season long to ensure your property remains in the best shape at all times. And you won’t have to worry about getting the work done yourself!

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