When To Start Planting Your Garden This Spring

One of the best parts of spring is all the beautiful flowers and plants that bloom throughout the season! Gardens are one of the best focal points and beautiful parts of any landscape, and if you have one on your property, you’re probably looking forward to seeing what will bloom. And if you’re looking to grow new plants, you may not be sure when to start planting.

Are you eager to get your gardens growing this spring but not sure when is the best time to get started? The team from Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has the answers for you:

Early Spring

The weather is your first key to determining when it is okay to start planting in your garden. As the last of the snow melts, and the ground starts to soften, give your soil a look. Before anything can begin, it’s crucial that the soil is completely thawed, a bit dry, and has a workable texture. You don’t want wet and clumpy soil. Also, for your soil, you want it to be the right temperature: Between 65 and 75 degrees, Fahrenheit is ideal.

As soon as you’ve assured your soil is moveable and not freezing, you can start planting flowers and shrubs that don’t mind some colder temperatures. For example, bare-root perennials, dormant trees and shrubs, and annuals such as primroses, pansies, and violas grow best at this time. It is also recommended to check the packages of your seedlings, speak with your local gardening experts, and do some research for specific plants to see when they should be planted.  

Middle/Late Spring

Now that warmer temperatures are more consistent, it’s time to start planting the rest of your greenery! At this time, trees and shrubs that are dormant or leafed out can be planted. As well, all annuals and perennial plants should be ready. As mentioned before, every plant thrives under specific conditions, so be sure to do a little research for the best results. 

Happy planting! If you’d rather a team of experts get your garden started for you and maintain it throughout the year, you can turn to the Ambrosio Landscape Solutions team in Fairfield County, CT. 

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