Landscape Design Trends for 2022

It’s the season of outdoor living, and you deserve to have a landscape that you love and always makes you say, “wow.” 

Are you looking for some creative inspiration for your property? Look to this year’s most popular trends that homeowners are loving for some ideas! 

From the Ambrosio Landscape Solutions team, here are this year’s top landscape design trends:

Bringing the Indoors Out

Enjoying outdoor living has never been more important. Now that families are spending more time at home, they’re looking to make their outdoor spaces as cozy and comfortable as possible to enjoy more time soaking up the sun and getting fresh air. This especially includes big, lavish patios that serve as an extra family room. 

Upgraded Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the heart of your home outside, too, with a beautiful, functional outdoor kitchen. From pizza ovens to barbecues to sinks and more, homeowners are embracing the idea of outdoor living by adding more places to cook and eat to their backyard patios, perfect for family gatherings and meals with friends. 

Let in The Light

To continue enjoying outdoor living after the sun has set, homeowners are prioritizing outdoor lighting throughout their landscapes. Lighting can help extend your time outside, but it can also help increase safety and security on your property. You can also get creative with your lighting, using it to accent certain areas of your home and landscape for a beautiful effect.

Delicious Gardens

The popularity of growing your own food right in your backyard continues to grow! Gardens featuring a variety of delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be found in the backyards of many homes this year. You’ll love having your own fresh produce handy that you worked hard to grow all on your own. 

A Natural Palette

When it comes to the design and feel of your landscape, consider a more natural and comforting palette to ensure your space feels like a relaxing oasis. The idea of earthiness and embracing the natural elements continues this year as a popular trend, meaning natural elements such as wood, stone, plants, and earthy tones are the main inspirations for the architectural and decorative elements when it comes to landscape design. 


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