5 Gardening Tips For Beginners

Gardening isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding. If you’re looking to work on your green thumb, take some time to learn and become an expert in the important fundamentals of gardening. 

From the Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions team, here are a few beginner gardening tips to help you and your plants flourish: 

Find The Right Sunny Spot

Plants need plenty of sunlight to help them get the energy they need to grow and thrive. Most plants need at least six full hours of sunlight each day. Be sure to always check the tags or packaging of your plant or seedlings to get the exact information for each plant species.  

Give Your Plants Some Personal Space

Your plants won’t be happy if they’re snuggled up super close to each other; they’ll be fighting for their fair share of sunlight, water, and nutrients. When planting, make sure to leave enough space between each, taking into account how big they will be when fully grown.

Use Quality Soil 

Dirt isn’t the same across the board. Most plants need the right soil conditions, meaning if your soil is too rocky, soggy, or lacking in nutrients, your plants may not grow. Speak with a local gardening expert to pick the best nutrient-rich, well-draining soil for your garden. 

Water Properly

Yes, there is a correct way to water your plant life! Over-watering can cause the roots to rot quickly, while under-watering can lead to little growth or even death from a lack of nutrients. Most flowers, shrubs, and vegetables grow best when they receive at least an inch of water per week, but more if the temperatures are very hot and there is no rainfall. Stick your finger in the soil before watering and if it’s dry, give your plants water.  

Don’t Forget to Feed Your Plants

A steady diet of plant food can help ensure gardening success. Plants remove nutrients from the soil as they grow, so it helps to replenish those nutrients periodically. About a month after planting, add an appropriate plant food to your soil to ensure your plants thrive.  


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