Is Your Outdoor Lighting Enough?

There are many key factors that go into creating the perfect outdoor milieu — and one of those prominent features is the landscape lighting.

Three popular methods to achieve outdoor lighting are the use of fireplaces, fire pits, and landscape lighting. Each of these outdoor devices delivers a unique feeling to each person’s outdoor setting.

Outdoor Fireplaces

As we all know, it becomes fairly brisk up north during the fall and winter months (and even some spring and some nights if we’re going to be totally honest).

For those that enjoy the evening air out on their patio, but can’t stand the bitter cold, a fireplace can be built directly into your patio. (Outdoor fireplaces are typically enclosed and will require the use of a chimney for ventilation purposes.)

Outdoor Fire Pits

Similar to the outdoor fireplace, fire pits grants the ability for individuals to completely circle the fire to enjoy the warmth that fire omits — versus just being in front like you would with a fireplace.

Firepits are open, inviting, and you can enjoy activities such as making s’mores or roasting hotdogs. Having a fire pit built directly into your yard or patio gives you the perfect permanent outdoor gathering space.

Landscape Lighting

Aside from fire powered light sources, Ambrosio offers other light sources for your landscaping needs such as in-walkway lighting and a variety of lamps.

  • In-Walkway Lighting – For a more contemporary style, in-walkway lights are the way to go. They are capable of being installed to pre-existing hardscapes, or new hardscapes. These are perfect for illuminating footpaths at ground level to guide your eyes along the path and to aid in avoiding any possible obstructions.
  • Outdoor Lamps – For those who enjoy a more rustic style appearance, the use of street lamps has become popular. These lights illuminate paths as well as the surrounding area, giving individuals a longer range of vision.
  • Other Lighting Options – Aside from in-walkway and lamp lighting fixtures, Ambrosio offers a wide selection of other types of lighting fixtures that can be hung from your home, or around your patio.

Lighting Your Way with Ambrosio

Ambrosio offers elegant and unique lighting options that will complement the desired theme of your personal outdoor paradise.

Our services include, but are not limited to, property maintenance, patios, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, swimming pools, and so much more!

Regardless of what type of lighting you’re looking for, we have the knowledge and skills to assist in completing the perfect look for your outdoor scenery.

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