How to Repair a Retaining Wall

In some landscaping designs, the retaining walls can be absolutely essential for a number of reasons.

They can be essential for proper irrigation of plants set up around them and often aid in preserving the integrity of nearby structures by adding stability to the land and rerouting excess water runoff away from them.

Unfortunately, in time, (especially when constructed poorly) retention walls can begin to crack and fail. That has the potential of being much worse than most people seem to think.

It’s Probably a Big Deal

It’s true that some retaining walls are there just for show. The ones that are there mostly for show do end up serving a small function.

They keep a small garden bed raised or keep the leaves and dirt from overflowing onto a clean and tended sidewalk or pathway. The thing with insignificant retention walls is that they do not tend to be so big.

If the wall is large enough for it to be apparently cracked or crumbling, there is a decent chance that wall is large enough to be serving some sort of practical purpose. If there is clear damage to any wall, especially one that’s more than a foot and a half tall, it’s worth inspecting thoroughly.

Perhaps, depending on personal skill level, having it checked out by a professional.

Getting Down to Business

The method best for resolving damage often depends on what is causing the damage in the first place as much as the extent of the damage itself.

Often the problem is a result of more weight behind the retention wall than it can handle, which can be caused by a number of issues. Water weighs a lot, so sometimes improved drainage can relieve excess pressure and, at least, prevent more damage from happening.

At times when trees are planted behind a retention wall, they can outgrow the strength of the wall. This leads to needing either reinforcement of the wall or removal of the trees.

The Necessary Help

While some people have the DIY experience and supplies, it’s a big project to take on as an individual. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals that can take care of it.

For those in Connecticut (and some areas of New York), give Ambrosio Landscape Solutions a call for help with your retaining wall!

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