How to Show Your Landscape Love This Winter

Winter Care Tips for Your Landscape

As winter blankets our landscapes with snow and frost, it’s easy to overlook our outdoor spaces until the warmer months return. However, showing love to your landscape during the winter is crucial for maintaining its health and beauty year-round. 

In this guide, the Ambrosio Landscape Solutions team explores various ways to care for your landscape during the colder months, ensuring it thrives and emerges vibrant when spring arrives.

1. Winter Pruning

Winter is an ideal time for pruning trees and shrubs while they’re dormant. Remove dead or diseased branches to promote healthy growth come spring. Additionally, shaping cold-weather plants during this time can enhance their overall structure and appearance.

2. Mulching

Apply a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennial beds to insulate the soil and protect plant roots from freezing temperatures. Mulch also helps retain moisture and suppresses weed growth, providing essential nourishment to your landscape throughout the winter months.

3. Watering

Even though it’s cold outside, your landscape still needs to be properly watered, especially during dry spells. Be sure to water evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as newly planted perennials, as they continue to lose moisture through their leaves. Aim for watering in the morning to allow time for absorption before temperatures drop again.

4. Protecting Plants

Shield vulnerable plants from harsh winter conditions by covering them with burlap or frost cloth. This extra layer of protection can safeguard them from freezing winds and frost damage, ensuring they emerge healthy and strong in the spring.

5. Feeding Wildlife

Support local wildlife by providing food and shelter in your landscape. Consider installing bird feeders, bird baths, and nesting boxes to attract birds and other critters seeking refuge during the winter months. Not only does this benefit wildlife, but it also adds life and movement to your winter landscape.

6. Winter Cleanup

Take advantage of mild winter days to tidy up and maintain your winter landscape. Remove fallen leaves, debris, and dead annuals to prevent disease and pest infestations. Keeping your landscape clean and clutter-free promotes better air circulation and reduces the risk of winter damage.

7. Planning and Dreaming

Winter is an excellent time for reflection and planning. Use this downtime to envision changes and improvements you’d like to make to your landscape. Research new plant varieties, sketch out garden designs, and create a wishlist of features to implement when spring arrives. This is a great time to get in contact with your local landscape architect and get started on your next project!

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