How to Create & Maintain an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

At our landscaping company in Connecticut, we know that many of our clients want to create and maintain an eco-friendly outdoor living space at their homes. Here are some of the ways that our landscapers create an eco-friendly area outside your home.

Add Eco-friendly Outdoor Hardscapes

When you have an outdoor living space, you will need hardscape elements such as walkways, retaining walls or fountains. It is important to remain mindful about the types of hardscape that you choose so that you aren’t adding pollutants to the soil or water on your property.

Select Sustainable Patio Furniture

You will need patio furniture such as tables, benches, and chairs for an outdoor space, but you can find sustainable furniture. Eco-friendly patio furniture is made from reclaimed wood, or alternatively, it is made from natural plant materials that are grown in a sustainable way.

Be Green While You Cook

Did you know that manufacturers are making grills that operate using solar power? Alternatively, you can use a gas grill that creates less pollution than a wood burning or gas grill. With these devices, you can avoid creating carbon that will harm the earth’s atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Outdoor Lighting

You can find an assortment of attractive outdoor lighting products that use solar energy instead of using electricity. By using solar lighting, you are protecting the environment from additional pollution. If you want to use candles on your outdoor living space, then choose products that are made from natural substances that don’t contain artificial dyes or perfumes.

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