How to Conserve Water on Your Lawn & Garden

Do you know if you water your garden and lawn correctly during the spring and summer months?

Chances are — you’re probably not.

Some plants require more, some require less, and a lot of the time — people will use an uneducated guess and overwater everything.

Overusing water is a foolish mistake and every homeowner should make it their goal to not do this — for the sake of their property’s health AND because it is wasteful.

Add More Native Plants

Native plants have gotten used to the rainfall, climate and soil type. Once native plants are established they do not require as much water.

Do some research to find the native, local plants that you like best and add some to your property this spring!

Make Use of Mulch and Natural Compost

Mulch will keep water from evaporating while also suppressing weeds. The right color and amount of mulch will also add an awesome aesthetic that will boost the curb appeal of your property.

In addition to mulch, you can also use compost. You can choose classic compost materials (certain leftover foods), pine needles, bark chips, or ground-up leaves on vegetable and flower gardens. They will break down and add nutrients to the soil.

Choose the Best Placement of Plants

Put plants that need the most water, closer to the house. They will benefit from the runoff water from the roof and gutter system when it rains.

Put your drip irrigation plants where you can easily reach them and plants that survive on nature further out.

Water Strategically

Evaporation of water is highest in the heat of the day. Therefore, you should be watering your plants and lawn in the early morning. This will give the roots enough time to soak in the water before it has a chance to evaporate.

Do not water closer to dusk, as not all of the water will be sucked up by the roots. This will cause mildew and fungus growth that can eventually lead to lawn and plant diseases.

Conserving water will help you save money, but more importantly, it is a responsibility for every homeowner to actively keep in mind.

When you need assistance with designing your landscape or need help with some of the services in its construction or upkeep, reach out to our professionals that can help you get the job done!

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