How Should I Prep My Garden for Spring?

At long last, we have made it. The dreary trudge of a Connecticut winter has passed, and we stand poised to welcome in the spring.

A standard for many families in age-old ritual is preparing a garden to bloom. After all, nothing quite says, “Spring!” like a well-tended and blossoming garden.

And let’s be honest — we all want our garden to look better than our neighbors’.

Following these suggestions during preparation can help you develop a rich garden that will flourish beautifully once spring officially hits!

Finding the Right Spot

For those green-horned gardeners looking to grow their first garden, plots can’t be just chosen willy-nilly.

The plot of land for gardens should be a relatively level space that receives, at the very least, six hours of sunlight. You should also ensure that it isn’t a windy spot, as this could blow any blossoms (let alone the pollen they carry) right out of plot and into the neighbor’s yard!

Perhaps most importantly, besides ensuring it’s beside a decent amount of water, is testing the soil. Just like our bodies, plants require certain nutrients at a certain amount, and if the soil can’t provide that to them, then you won’t see much growth.

Testing soil can be easy, as landscaping companies can do the testing for you.

Cleanup and Tools

The area you want to place your garden should be cleared up of any debris that might reduce flower growth.

Composting is a great idea to ensure healthy growth, so starting a bin as early as possible is recommended. Adding mulch is also a sure way to stimulate plant growth, especially when used with compost.

This would also be the optimal time to ensure that you have all of the gardening tools you’ll require to see your little seeds reach their full potential.

Also, you need to make sure your tools are clean because you don’t want to accidentally have them carrying a fungus that could kill your plants.

Helping Hand

Gardens can be tough work, but the results are almost always worth it. To ensure your garden lasts throughout summer, you’re going to need to make sure you spend the time it needs (and deserves).

For those who need assistance with their soil or would like someone else to take care of their other landscaping chores (so you can focus on the garden, the pros at Ambrosio would be more than happy to help out!

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