Fall Foliage and Plants: What’s Best For Your Home?

The plants at your home provide much more than just curb appeal when it comes to your home as a whole! They can be homes for birds and critters, food sources, as well as many other things that provide useful for those who own a home. However in the fall, there are some specific things to think about when it comes down to ‘what’s best’ for you and the home. Take a quick peek below to see what you can add or maintain in different ways to benefit how your home looks.


As someone who may have found their forever home, planting a tree is the best part of the process for some. Seeing something prosper and grow into a new living plant over the course of a few decades is a great experience, and like the plants, you grow with it as well. This can be the best middle-of-the-yard addition, or just provide you with a bit of shade! And for those who love the look of fall colors, you can pick a tree that thrives in a four season environment, as well as changes colors to provide nice, warm atmospheres when gazing at it.

Large Bushes

Some people don’t like looking at bushes that don’t have color in the colder months. And while there are tons of options when it comes to plants that are alive and colorful year round, you’ll want to pick one that suits your home the best, and also won’t be a hotel for bugs while it’s cold. Think of plants that provide a little aesthetic benefit, as well as potentially providing you with a nice smell or return when the spring comes back around. 

Of course, it’s hard to know exactly what’s best for you and your home — but with the right landscaping team by your side, you can expertly craft the exact look you’ve always wanted without too much strenuous activity! 

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