How To Care For Lawn In The Fall

Your lawn is one of the most important aspects of a good looking home during the year — and even after the temperatures drop, the work shouldn’t stop! It’s important that when the season of rolling around in the grass is over, you’re at least taking the necessary measures to keeping it in check and ready for the next season as it approaches. 

Remove Leaves – Make sure to remove leaves as they come in contact with your grass. They might be fun to crunch and play with for a little while, but they’re no good for grass and should be handled properly. 

Continue Watering – Until it’s too cold, keep watering your grass — it needs the moisture! If possible, also focus on loosening the soil where fit, so that proper air and nutrients can be absorbed.

Add Fertilizer – It’s important to make sure to add fertilizer at some point as well, as the dirt and grass needs the nutrients in order to grow properly next season! 

Mowing – Mowing the lawn doesn’t stop when it’s cold — it just slows down! Make sure it’s at a height that isn’t too low, and not too high — you still want a bed of grass there for the most part! 

Of course, all of this maintenance can be a bit tedious when you’re trying to enjoy your off time on the weekends. Make sure that when you aren’t able to handle the lawn on your own, you call someone who can come by and do it for you! 

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