Check Your Home for Damage Before a Winter Storm Hits

Winter is here, and it’s time to make sure your property is safe in the ice and snow. Taking care of potholes, clogged drains, and cracked sidewalks will protect your investment and prevent accidents. The time to do it is before the next storm hits.

Five Ways to Prepare for Winter Storms

1. Survey The Landscape.

Does your property have damaged asphalt, bumps, potholes or hills that are dangerous for pedestrians, drivers, and road cleaning crews? If so, get them fixed, or mark them before the next big snow.

2. Examine The Ground.

Look for anything that sticks out of the ground. Water meters, manhole covers, loose pavers, and utility hardware pose a threat when they become invisible. Mark them with snow stakes or safety cones to protect them from equipment.

3. Inspect Your Drains

When drains aren’t working properly, melting ice can build up and then refreeze. Clean clogged drains, and mark them to keep snow plows and blowers from covering them with snow.

4. Mark Fire Hydrants.

Flag fire hydrants, and remove the snow around them. Keeping them visible will allow firemen to find them and protect them from being damaged by snow removal equipment.

5. Protect Pavers And Retaining Walls.

Some pavers require rubber-edged blades to keep them from being pulled up or damaged. Others need a special ice-melting product. Make sure equipment operators know where the pavers and retaining walls are located.

Ambrosio Landscape Solutions will check your property and tell you how to prepare for the winter season. If you prefer, they will do the job for you. Visit their website for more information about their services, or contact them online.

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