4 Ways to Protect Your Landscape From Winter Deer Damage

During the winter months, it is much more likely for deer to end up in your yard. Due to the lack of food that they have in their natural environment, they are going to go anywhere and everywhere to try and find the food they need to survive.

It is important that you do certain things in order to ensure the safety of your shrubs and trees from these hungry animals.

Your Pets Can Help The Situation

One of the easiest ways to get deer to stop coming into your lawn is to scare them away. If you leave your dog out to patrol the area, it is only going to take one or two big scares for the deer to realize that this might not be the best yard for them to try to come into anymore.

Put Up a Fence

One of the most obvious ways for you to keep deer out of your yard is to put up a deer fence. It is going to be difficult for you to keep deer out if you use a normal fence. They will be able to jump right over this type of fence. Make sure that the fence you use is high enough to keep the deer out of your yard.

Use Deer Repellant

Deer repellant uses nasty smells like garlic and rotten eggs to protect your shrubs and trees. By spraying deer repellant, you will repulse the deer and they will leave your plants alone.

Protect Your Plants With Bird Netting

Bird netting is a great way to keep your plants safe. With the use of bird netting, deer will not be able to get to your plants easily and they will eventually give up.

We understand just how important it is to keep deer out of your yard and away from your plant. Our landscape professionals will be able to help you keep your plants safe by implementing these methods.

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