Why Your Backyard is the Best Place to Spend Your Day

Do you have a happy place you go to after a long day (or week) at the office?

You know, that one place where you can kick off your shoes, turn your brain off, and relax without a care in the world.

For our team at Ambrosio — our favorite place is the backyard!

The Ultimate Day Lounge

When the sun is shining, one of the best ways to spend your day is by lounging outside. You can get your tan on, take a nap, or just relax as you take in the surrounding beauty of your backyard.

Homeowners lucky enough to have swimming pools will have the ultimate day lounge, as they can relax poolside and take a dip to cool off on those hot summer days.

Don’t forget to set up an umbrella (or two) to give yourself a break from the sun — especially if you want to take a nap outside (without having to worry about burning).

Entertaining at the Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re having friends over for dinner or for a daytime barbecue, the best place to entertain them is around your outdoor kitchen area.

Outdoor kitchens are designed to allow you (the host) to prepare the food and drinks, provide entertainment, and keep everyone in a single area all at the same time.

Sure, having a dinner party is fun, but when you can make the cooking of that dinner a part of the experience (rather than running back and forth to the kitchen) — it makes the get-together that much better!

Finishing the Night Around the Fire Pit

Who doesn’t like to relax around a fire?

Fire pits are a spring and summertime classic that are always the focal point of get-togethers in the backyard. The end of the night is the perfect opportunity to make a fire, take in its warmth, and maybe even make yourself a nice snack over the open flames!

Fire pits are a great way to mix up your night by taking everyone from the outdoor kitchen and having them congregate around the fire pit area of your patio.

When the weather cooperates, the best place to spend your day is in the backyard — especially when you have lounge chairs surrounding a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a fire pit!

After reading this, you’re probably itching to upgrade your backyard to include one (or all) of these amazing backyard additions.

Give us a call and we can discuss which options are best for your property, and even design them to custom-fit your yard!

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