When is the best time to open your pool?

With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day, you’re probably getting more and more eager to open your pool! But when is the best time to do so? By being prepared and making sure that you don’t open your pool too late or even too early, you can ensure the condition of your pool doesn’t suffer or cost you more in upkeep.

Here are some things to consider when deciding when to open your pool:

Consider The Weather

There is no definitive date as to when the best time to open your pool is.  A good idea of timing is when the daytime temperatures are consistently around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Consider Algae Growth

As the weather gets warmer, algae will grow more and more and can cause more maintenance to be required in upkeep for your pool.  Because of this, it’s better that you open your pool sooner than later.

Remember The Pool Prep

Make sure to consider the time it takes to do proper maintenance and get your pool into proper usable condition. Ideally, it’s best to open your pool three weeks before you intend to start using it.

Think of Aesthetic

Your pool is the perfect view and focal point of your backyard.  It was an investment, and you should be getting the most out of it! Make sure you don’t wait too long to open your pool so you can admire it for as long as possible!
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