What’s Better?: Patio vs Deck

Spending time outside during the summertime — there’s nothing better. Wait, actually there is…

Spending time outside during the summertime in the comfort of YOUR own backyard. Now that’s more like it!

If you want to upgrade your quality of life by creating the ultimate lounge area, you’ll have to decide if you want a new patio or a new deck.

Defining What a Patio and a Deck Actually Are

  • A patio is an area outside of your home that is either attached or detached from the house and is usually made from concrete or pavers.
  • A deck is a porch that is a built-on extension to the house and is usually made from wood or a composite material that resembles wood.

Both patios and decks can provide value to a property and a person’s quality of life. However, not all homes can accommodate one or the other, as well as the many differences between them that will force a homeowner to choose one over the other.

When Should You Choose a Patio?

  • When You Want to Save Money – While you can go above and beyond with the materials used to build a patio, you can usually build one at a fraction of the cost of a deck. Opt for concrete if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option.
  • When You Want Low Maintenance – Patios can be sealed. Pavers and stone materials are some of the most durable. Therefore, the only maintenance you’ll ever need to provide your patio is maybe a power wash if something spills or to remove animal waste.
  • When You Want It to Last Forever – When a patio is installed correctly, it can easily maintain its curb appeal and usability for more than 25 years. If you have it done right the first time, there will never be a reason for you to do again (unless you’re planning to keep the house for your entire life).
  • When You Want to Have LARGE Gatherings – Since patios are made from cement, pavers, or stone and must be built on an even and flat terrain — weight limits aren’t really a thing. Have as many people as you want, add an outdoor kitchen, add a fire pit, or go crazy and add a hot tub!

When Should You Choose a Deck?

  • When You Want Great Resale Value – Even though patios can be less expensive (depending on the size and materials used), decks have an amazingly high resale value. Almost 90 percent of a deck’s initial investment can be recouped during the sale of the house. So if you want to both enjoy an outdoor living space now and think of the immediate future when selling, a deck might be right for you.
  • When You Have Uneven Terrain – Decks can be installed anywhere on the property, as uneven terrain does not affect where they can be built. Patios will need a flat terrain, or the uneven terrain will need to be flattened. So if your property is working against you, you’ll still be able to install a deck.
  • When You Want a View of Your Surroundings – Some homeowners like an aerial view of their property or their property’s surroundings. If you’re one that likes to see everything at a glance, a second (or third) story deck might be best. This is also perfect for those with views of the ocean, a mountain, or anything worth seeing the big picture of.
  • When You Want Reduced Winter Risk – Winters in Connecticut can be rough, especially because of ice that can form on roads, driveways, and of course — patios. Ice can easily form on cement and pavers, compared to wooden or composite decks.

The Winner is…

It all comes down to personal preference and the dimensions of your property when deciding on building a patio or a deck.

For homeowners that choose a patio over a deck because of the endless options of adding things like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, jacuzzis, an entire patio set, or whatever they want — know that our team can custom build one for you based on your property’s dimensions.

Just give us a call and we’ll send our team over to show you what we can do!

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