What You Need When You Spend the Day Outside

Spending the day outside, feeling the sun on your face — nothing beats it!

And with warm weather FINALLY here (internally cries tears of happiness), you can finally spend your day outside without losing feeling in your fingers.

However, before you bring your book and glass of lemonade to the patio (is that only lemonade…), make sure you have these things:

Protection From the Sun

Whether it’s a cool day with a nice breeze or a hot day where you can feel your skin toasting, you’re going to need protection from the sun.

  • Make sure you have sunscreen with the appropriate SPF. Sitting in the sun for longer than an hour without sunscreen can cause you to burn (and increase your chances of skin cancer).
  • Bring along a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage, along with a hat and something to cover up if it gets too hot or you’re outside for too long.
  • Put up the patio umbrella and sit underneath to give yourself a break from the sun every so often.

Refreshments & Entertainment

We don’t know about you, but everyone here at Ambrosio LOVES kicking back on our patios and basking in the sunlight. While this is a fun and relaxing activity, there are things you NEED that can make it even better!

  • Ice cold refreshments can make any day in the sun a good one — no matter how hot it is. A cold drink will keep you cool while you’re under the sun AND hydrated (which is very important when it’s hot out). For those who are going to be spiking their drinks, keep a few water bottles on hand (since alcohol can cause dehydration).
  • Turn on the speakers and blast your favorite album or playlist. Whether you’re entertaining guests at a party or tanning by yourself on the patio — music will make your day better!

The Right Amount of Space

Vacations are fun to take, but in reality, you can’t go on vacation more than a handful of times per year. That’s why backyard patios, entertainment areas, and pools are increasing in popularity each and every year!

Rather than counting down the days to your next vacation, you could be counting down the hours (or even minutes) until you’re relaxing in your own personal paradise.

For those who dream of this, but currently have a small and restricting patio — that’s where we come in! Our team can design a custom backyard setup, so you can have the perfect patio and entertainment area for your own personal needs and wants.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t settle for a mediocre property — turn yours into a place you’ll want to spend your time all summer long!

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