What Is Curb Appeal Exactly?

As a homeowner, there are a ton of different terms thrown around to describe things that are associated with the inside, outside, and the property that surrounds your home. Curb appeal is something used a lot by almost everyone — yet sometimes, distinguishing between what people think it means and what it actually means is necessary to gain a better understanding.


Curb appeal is loosely defined at the general aesthetic that someone associates with your home. Have you ever driven by a home and said ‘wow that home looks great’ or ‘oh man that house needs work’? If so, you’ve actually given those homes a ruling on their general curb appeal in your eyes. When you look at a home & the property as one, the grade you give it basically relates to if it has curb appeal, or if it’s not so great.

How To Improve

If you’re someone looking to improve your curb appeal, there are a number of things that can be done in order to improve the overall appearance of your home. It’s important to understand that your:

  • Landscaping is properly and neatly handled. This is because above all else, the first thing that’s associated with your home is the land surrounding it. If that’s not up to par, it takes away from the rest of the house.
  • Home is clean and free of damage. This is likely the first thing that people will see, and a sagging roof, broken shingles or saggy siding tells people that the house isn’t in the best of shape
  • Design of the property is nicely done. Each and every home can be tailored to the style of the owner, and when you do this, you add a custom touch that sets your home above and apart from the rest. By improving the design, it can seem more modern, elegant, appealing and homey. 

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