What Are The Best Materials For Walkways?

It’s easy to get so involved in your property’s look that you forget one of the most important elements; the walkways! 

Walkways help transition different areas and elements in your landscape. They guide you to and throughout your property and are often the first impression for guests and visitors who stroll the walkway to the front door.  

If you want to renovate or redo your home’s walkways, we’ve got you covered and are here to help you pick the perfect material:


Clay bricks are certainly one of the more popular options as they have been used to accentuate landscaping for centuries in many different ways. Brick walkways add elegance and class to any home and can be found in various shades and patterns. Other benefits to brick include they are very durable and don’t crack easily.


The most significant benefits of gravel walkways are they are easy to lay and relatively inexpensive. One crucial aspect to keep in mind is that if you opt for gravel, you also need to install some type of edging to keep it from spreading. Gravel comes in different sizes, but smaller sizes are more comfortable to walk on since they pack down tighter.

Natural Stone

If you’re looking for a walkway that will truly impress anyone, natural stone is a beautiful option. Stone’s have unique color, size, and design options, allowing you to create a walkway that will easily match your home and landscape. Though natural stone requires some maintenance to help keep moisture out and is typically a pricier option, they are fairly durable and can withstand any temperature. 

Poured Concrete

If you have young kids, they’ll love poured concrete walkways to provide a blank canvas for all their fun chalk art. Concrete slabs are easy to install, a cheaper option, but require some maintenance as they need to be sealed regularly to keep water out from causing cracks.

Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers are a practical and attractive option for walkways. They are less expensive than natural stone but have a similar aesthetic appearance. Since the stones have different sizes, colors, and shapes, there is a lot of freedom to build the perfect pathway.

Walkway Installation in Fairfield County

If you’re looking to have new walkways installed or redone at your home, we’re here to help. Ambrosio Landscaping Solutions can exceed your expectations and ensure that your property is always looking and performing its best and that your driveway will perfectly reflect the beauty of your home. Give us a call at (203) 762-5167 to learn more. 

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